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The Greenpeace was founded in 1971 when a group of activists from Vancouver, Canada, organized a voyage in a fishing boat. Others believed that it was useless and impossible to prove to the world anything in that way. However, a small group of people managed to make a difference. They sailed to Amchitka Island in Alaska in order to stop nuclear testing. A small group of activists turned attention of the whole world to the problem of nuclear testing. Despite barriers created by the U.S. Coast Guard, the group of activists drew attention from the side of the community, which started to perceive nuclear testing critically and stopped this harmful practice destroying the surrounding world. Nuclear testing on Amchitka were ceased the same year, but public interest continued to evolve. Despite the fact that there is no information about the founders of Greenpeace, it is obvious that their input to the development of environmental protection is enormous. Anonymous activists are still unknown. There is even a joke that as soon as you visit one of the local bars in Vancouver, you will find at least five people telling the story about foundation of Greenpeace.

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Today, Greenpeace became an organization that launched diverse environmental campaigns. Its main goal is preservation of nature and its heritage to future generations. Greenpeace is an environmental agency, which strives to enhance the protection of the surrounding world and reduce dangerous human activities. The company’s headquarter is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has 2.8 million supporters all over the world following the same set of values and aspirations. There are offices in 41 countries, which represent interests of the company aimed to reduce harmful impact of the humanity on the surrounding world.

Greenpeace Performance

Greenpeace is an independent organization, which uses peaceful measures to protect the world from harmful human activity along with preservation of natural heritage. It uses creative communication to address global problems and attract attention of communities around the world. It encourages millions of people around the world to join environmental protection activities in order to promote the development of healthy habits regarding the performance. However, the main goal of the company is to stop people from destroying environmental balance of the world including pollution, deforestation, and various aspects of human activity of technological nature. According to Greenpeace (2014), “Greenpeace challenges the systems of power and privilege that destroy the environment and place disproportionate, burdens on vulnerable communities.”

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Greenpeace has a purpose of saving a fragile world from devastation and destruction. Once an organization managed to convince the word’s leaders to stop nuclear testing on Amchitka, Greenpeace went through the process of evolution, which brought it to the new level of performance. Rapid growth helped it in the fight for saving the planet form harmful human activity (Greenpeace, 2014). The main objectives of Greenpeace include coping with global warming, massive destruction of forests, threat of nuclear disaster, and much more. Greenpeace works hard to fight these problems and prevent organizations from destroying the surrounding world again. One of the main purposes of Greenpeace is to spread its activity all over the world in order to turn attention of all communities and involve them into the world’s preservation.

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Greenpeace is an independent organization, which does not receive any funding from governments or corporations. It also does not promote any figures from the political sphere. According to Greenpeace (2014), “Greenpeace does not solicit contributions from government or corporations, nor will we endorse political candidates.” The organization’s funding comes mainly from its participants and other individuals willing to promote the development of Greenpeace. In the USA, there are 250 000 members of Greenpeace, which make regular donations in order to help the organization to turn its plans into actions. Other 2.8 million members also do not stay indifferent and participate in donations.

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In its operation, Greenpeace pays a significant attention to its performance and activity in the future. It strives to continue encourage the sustainable development of the surrounding world. It is a fact that Greenpeace is the basement of sustainable human activity. Its future plans focus on inclusion of every citizen into the framework of enhancing environmental protection activities. The organization works with thousands of volunteers regardless of their experience in environmental work (Greenpeace, 2014). It is a platform, which encourages Greenpeace to continue influence the communities and involve them into the process of environment preservation. In the prospect of the organization’s activity, there are plans to intensify successful implementation of the current projects and extend the company’s influence on the companies, which create environmental issues. Greenpeace members have a great sense of commitment to the organization’s core values and mission elements. The company strives to implement the same values into everyday life of citizens from numerous communities. Healthy environmental habits are one of the main perspectives of the company’s aspirations.

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In conclusion, it is obvious that Greenpeace plays a significant role in shaping the world’s environment as long as it takes care of preventing harmful human activity. Greenpeace makes a history, which proves that there are millions of people willing to help the world handle environmental problems. Volunteer performance of the organization proves that it does not have any interest in economic or political segment of human activity. It is interested in promoting safe environment preservation for future generations.

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