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Social Problems’ Coherence

Social problems, or social issues, exist in every society. Even in isolated and poorly inhabited places any group can come across social problems. The attempt to make a list of social problems will result in enormous number of problems and it will not be identical for all of the areas. Some problems normal for the USA could seem ridiculous in Europe and vice versa. However, the institution of family is one of the values which are predominant for most of the societies. It is really important to understand that social problems within a definite social institution affect its interaction with other institutions which may be the reason for global problems or issues.

Due to social problems, family issues may seem the most numerous. However, the most dangerous problems, which affects not only lots of families, but the whole society, is getting addicted to the Internet, social networks, etc. and thus losing time for real communication. Time with family cannot be replaced with the time you spend on the Internet or in front of the TV. Such type of amusement leads to other social problems. Violence in family can be a result of too many computer games played or thrillers watched. Family violence is a crime. The family violence is defined as one member of a family doing some kind of harm to another. All the members of such a family could be harmed emotionally first. Even not being beaten or raped, which are more serious crimes, a person feels trouble for those who were. It is a mistake to think that family violence is a result of bad living. Family violence affects all the classes. Everybody perfectly remembers the story with Rihanna and Chris Brown.

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There is also a myth about alcohol and drugs to affect the abusers. Lots of people are sure that battered wives like to be hit. However, they are rather afraid to ask for help. That is why they rest silent for not to do more harm. These problems affect not only the institution of family, but also other major social and community institutions. As it is known, Islam allows men to beat women is some cases. Religion is a social institution that affects a family. These rules may lead some Muslims, especially women, to quitting their religion or stopping believing in family as in the strongest thing.

Government is the other social institution that affects our life. Such a great problem as family violence makes politicians act against it. Numerous governmental programs should be developed to protect women and children from batterers. Media, the other social institution, is the source to help these programs to be known and embodied. Family violence, unfortunately, is good “food” for other institutions to develop special programs to protect people from violence inside the family institution.

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Family is a social institution which can both affect and be affected. Such institution as academia helps to prevent social and economic inequities. Violence in family is one of these inequities. It affects both society and economic situation in this community. It often happens so that children repeat violent situation they lived in. Their uncontrolled behavior can release not only in family but also at work, or even in the park during their morning run, for example. Economics cannot be imagined without business, which is, in its turn is one of the major social institutions. The role of business is to provide prosperity. How could a grungy woman be prosperous? Violence is a thin thread which goes through all the institutions, sometimes even unnoticed.

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Any problem, whether in family or not, should not be left unnoticed. The system of social institutions is the one with a strong connection. When something goes wrong in one institution, something changes in others more or less. Every person of every society must not remain aside. When even just 1 per cent gives a voice, the situation could be changed completely.

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