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Sociological Discussion

Narcotizing dysfunction is a media phenomenon where the public or audiences of media reports receive bulk briefings about an issue and become senseless to take any action or think on how to help manage the situation under focus. Gate keeping on the other hand is the process by which media instruments filter information before publishing and sharing with the public. Gate keeping helps safeguard the public against malpractices or unethical reports that can result to situation like narcotizing dysfunction. In the Iraqi war, American government appeared to have manipulated the process of gate keeping by directing immense coverage on only negative things committed by Saddam Hussein. This was an attempt to gain support of Americans by the government in attempts to attack Saddam.

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The American government greatly influenced the media to transmit bulk of negative information about Saddam Hussein that resulted to narcotizing effect among the Americans and world in general. This in effect confused Americans and inhibited their reasoning in ethical direction. They could not think about strategies that the government could use to end the war and rescue lives of American soldiers and suffering Iraqi citizens. In the aftermath of the war and upon realizing the heinous strategy the government employed in manipulating the media, American citizens lose trust in the government and have since rejected any participation in wars by the government.

Unethical practices that involved Enron Company included massive malpractices that saw the company post abnormal and attractive profits that never existed. In the meantime, the company worked to hide its debts by manipulating its financial statements and ledger books. These acts were to help in hiding its fall and attract more investors. Goldman Sachs on the other hand involved in unethical practices that saw financial and market analysts give false information about their products and even sell complicated products to the customers. It also had its analysts give selective clients significant advice about short-term expectations while ignoring others.

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In both Enron and Goldman Sachs, unethical practices originated from the top management ordered for compulsory enforcement by junior employees. Employees of both company acted on grounds of obedience to authorities who promised rewards for better performance and disqualification for poor performance. In that instance, junior employees had to execute orders given even on recognizing that the orders were unethical. However, junior employees had options to enforce ethics in these two companies. One of the options was to resign in large numbers and openly denounce the nature of practices in the respective companies, as did Greg Smith. Another option was to inform and request government conduct serious audit about the financial status in line with the trading of the companies.

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